Training Program

Complete your training in as little as 4 weeks with our full time schedule. Night/Weekend and part time schedules are available. Call for more information on these options. JTL is a Third Party Tester for the State of Nebraska. You will complete your Pre-Trip Inspection, Basic Control Skills, and Driving Test at JTL with one of our examiners. Your test results are submitted to the Nebraska DMV who then forward the results to your state licensing agency if you reside in a state other than Nebraska. Contact us today for more information about truck driver training and testing.

Our full time 160 hour course is 4 weeks long, Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM. We also offer nights and weekends or part time classes. Please contact us for more info about these schedules.

Field Training

Our field training consists of 80 hours in the field, learning the correct method of backing, how to maneuver your vehicle and learning through observation. Our field training is true to life, allowing you to drive on actual city streets for most of the driving portion, not on a range with simulated traffic and maneuvering situations. This method of training exposes and familiarizes you with situations you will encounter while on the road, such as heavy city traffic, tight turns and lane changes. In our field training we pay a great deal of attention to areas that the students seem to have the most difficulty, such as backing. When you are finished with our field training you will have the knowledge and the experience to drive professionally with confidence.

 4-Camera Training Video

Classroom Training

Our classroom training prepares you to take all of the written examinations required for the commercial driving license including General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Air Brakes, Double/ Triple Trailer, Tanker and the Hazardous Materials tests.

Our classroom training does not just stop at preparing you to pass your exams with flying colors. It also trains you for real world situations and gets you ready for a career as a truck driving professional. You will learn to complete a log book to record your hours of service, learn how to read a map and plan the most effective trip for your routes. We go over the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations and many other subjects, from safety to vehicle operation and special situations, so no matter what type of situation you run into when you begin your career, you will be prepared.


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