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The class overall prepared me for the rigors that come with trucking. What I like, and appreciate about JTL is the no nonsense aspect of the class. They don’t fill the time with fluff. Everything that takes place in the classroom training and the road training has an aspect or multiple aspects to it that improves you for your career as a truck driver. The patience of the instructors is unbelievable. If you struggle, they work with you. If you show fortitude and respect and are still struggling, they work with you. They don’t just take your tuition and see you as a number.

James. – 06-13-18

Great. I enjoyed it and felt it has prepared me for the next step.

David. – 06-13-18

JTL is full of talented instructors who will do whatever it takes for you to succeed (i.e. Brian & Kim) I liked the professionalism you receive from Jeremy and Shelley. They make you feel part of the JTL family not forgetting Mr. Larry who once sacrificed his busy schedule to explain a point to me. Mr. Larry just know I will always remember that and admire your kind and humble leadership. Long live JTL. You guys are simply the BEST!!!

Evans. – 06-13-18

Feel well prepared. Had a lot of fun while learning and I am really satisfied with all of JTL’s staff.

Richard. – 06-01-18

Drive Your Future

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