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Know your trucking career options!

A Class A CDL is one of the most common CDLs obtained by students. This type of CDL also has a wide variety of job possibilities available to students once they complete their CDL training. Let’s take a look at the jobs that could be waiting for you with a Class A CDL.

With a Class A CDL, you can drive any combination of vehicles with a combined gross weight of 26001 pounds or more with a trailer– if the vehicle weighs more than 10,000 pounds.

OTR Trucking

Over-The-Road trucking is one of the most common pathways students take after earning their CDL. There are so many OTR carriers that are constantly looking for students to fill open positions. These long-hauling jobs may require drivers to drive over 100 miles a day and stick to a strict schedule in order to make deliveries on time. OTR drivers are often away from home for an extended amount of time, but in return usually are given at least a week off in between routes to be home with family and friends.

Heavy Equipment Driver

These drivers typically will work in a construction setting operating heavy equipment such as a dump truck or concrete mixer. Heavy equipment jobs are classified differently. This is any job pulling equipment weighing no more than 26,000 pounds. The number of miles you will drive will depend on the specific job. You could be driving to jobs just across town or across several states.

Bus Driver

This may not be the first job you think about when getting your CDL, but a career as a bus driver could be extremely rewarding. You would be responsible for getting passengers from point A to point B safely.

Delivery Truck Driver

As a delivery truck driver, your day could be different every day or you could be assigned to the same route on a daily basis. However, most delivery jobs are entry-level positions and do not have the earning potential of other trucking jobs.


Let’s not forget to mention the multiple endorsements you can add to your Class A CDL. Each endorsement will allow you to drive a specific type of equipment or materials. Endorsements can greatly increase the value of your CDL.

  • H Endorsement: required if you will be driving vehicles containing hazardous materials.
  • N Endorsement: permits drivers to drive vehicles with tanks on them.
  • P Endorsement: permits drivers to drive vehicles that carry a specific number of passengers. The actual number of passengers allowed will vary by state.
  • S Endorsement: permits drivers to drive school buses. Getting an S Endorsement will also require the driver to take a road skills test, submit entirely separate application forms, pass a complete background check, and have an acceptable driving record.
  • T Endorsement: permits drivers to drive a double or triple trailer.
  • X Endorsement: permits drivers to drive vehicles that transport HAZMAT materials or vehicles that are tankers.
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