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Investing in Woman Drivers

With the current truck driver shortage affecting the trucking industry, the demand for truck drivers has never been higher. The shortage creates an excellent opportunity for women truck drivers. Only 10% of the industry is female; however, this number has been steadily increasing since 2018 when it was 6%. This means that, regardless of gender, there will always be job opportunities for licensed truck drivers all over the country, and job security is high.

Why are Companies Looking Towards Women?

The opinion that women cannot do the same jobs as men has been proven wrong time and time again. The trucking industry is waking up to this fact and realizing that women can not only drive semi-trucks, but they tend to do so with more care and dedication than their male co-workers. Studies have proven that women truck drivers tend to be better for business. They have fewer accidents, go for more miles, and women tend to stay in the job longer.

Trucking Companies Want Women

Many trucking carriers have begun to hire as many people as possible that are appropriately licensed to try and fill the driver shortage. Many companies have now seen a more mixed-gender workforce that is more attractive to more people and more cost-effective to run. Another reason to have more women in trucking is that they are more likely to train other women, which creates a more welcoming experience for women to join the industry. It has become more important as advocacy groups for women, such as Women in Trucking, push for women to be in trucking and push for companies to treat women equally in the trucking world.

Why Should Women Choose Trucking?

The driver shortage has now given drivers the power to decide which jobs are the best fit for them as many companies are hiring. This gives women the ability to determine what companies to work for and what is best for them. Truck driving jobs are different from typical jobs as driver’s pay raises are based on how safe they are on the road and how reliable they are at delivering their freight. Studies have shown that women truck drivers tend to be safer and more reliable than their male counterparts.

The trucking industry wants to add more women to their driving fleets! JTL emphasizes getting women trained to be as skilled as possible. JTL’s job placement program will help place you with the perfect company!

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