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The Steps to Getting My CDL in Omaha, NE.

The decision to get your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License can be an important step in changing your career and income. Becoming a professional truck driver can provide multiple career opportunities and provide a stable income for you and your family. With JTL, we can have you trained and on the road in as little as 4 weeks! If you are ready to take the next step towards getting your CDL in Nebraska, follow these steps:

1. Do you Qualify? – You want to make sure you meet all of the requirements needed to obtain your CDL:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. You have to be at least age 21 to drive a commercial motor vehicle across Nebraska state lines and to drive with certain endorsements.
  3. You cannot have more than one Driver’s License and your current driving record needs to be free of restrictions.
  4. You must meet the medical requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  5. You must prove citizenship in the state of Nebraska and have permission to work in the United States.
  6. You must be able to speak and read the English language

2. Need to Obtain Your CDL Permit– In order to be able to train behind the wheel for your CDL exam, you first will need to obtain a CDL Permit. You can do this by studying by yourself and taking the test at a DMV, or if you sign up for training through JTL, we will help you get your permit during your first week of training.

3. Pay for Your CDL Permit – It costs $14.50 for a Commercial Learner’s Permit. There is a possible additional fee for any change of address, class, endorsement, or restriction to the CLP.

4. Sign Up for a CDL Training Course – You will need to contact a CDL training school, like JTL, to start working toward your Commercial Driver’s License.

5. Schedule Your DOT Physical Exam – You must pass a DOT medical examination that can only be performed by a licensed medical examiner found on the FMSCA’s national registry. 

6. Driving Record Check – You must submit a driving record check that covers your past 10 years of driving across all 50 states. If you have a Nebraska license, JTL will obtain the driving record for you. If you have an out-of-state license, you will need to obtain the driving record yourself from the DMV in the state where your license was obtained. You can request a driving record online at the DMV’s website.

7. Schedule your CDL Exam – JTL will schedule your CDL exam and we will make sure you are fully prepared for the test.

 8.Identification Documents – You will need to bring one document that is proof of your citizenship. This could be a certified birth certificate, social security card, a passport, or a permanent resident card. You will also need two address verification documents.

If you think you are ready to learn more about getting your CDL, please contact JTL Truck Driver Training today. (402) 932-0000. Our staff are experts in the process necessary to obtain your CDL!