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Kristi Knicely moves from the medical field to construction.

It is not every day that we find ourselves completely changing our career paths. Moving companies or changing a job title: yes, but moving from a career as a researcher in the medical field to a truck driver, not so much.

After becoming a single mom, Kristi decided it was time to find a career that made her happy. She came to JTL Truck Driver Training to complete our four-week training course and get her CDL. Kristi worked hard with our trainers every day and had a full-time job waiting for her two days after graduation with Concrete Supply. Kristi was even recently interviewed by Channel 6 News to discuss how her life-changing career decision has brought immense positivity to her and her family’s life.

“I feel like I am actually contributing. I can drive around the city and I can say ‘I was a part of that!’ And really see the end product.”

Kristi is not the only JTL graduate who has found success in the trucking industry. We have graduates working with Schnieder, Crete Carrier, Chief Carriers, and many many more. Currently, the trucking industry is experiencing a truck driver shortage, and there are plenty of jobs to go around.

JTL instructor Aaron Piper discusses the truck driver shortage in a Fox 42 News article. “Our graduation rate is right up there at about four weeks, but the industry needs a lot of help.” Even with JTL’s four-week graduation rate, it is still not enough to keep up with the demand.

If you are eager the get into a new career, call us today at 402-932-0000! Our staff is ready to work with you and will get you on the road in as little as 4 weeks!