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What to Expect in the Coming Year

Forecasts show 2021 as a transitional year for the trucking industry. The economy and truck driver demand is expected to rebound throughout 2021 from the impacts the pandemic had and create a positive trend going into the 2022 year. If you are looking to start a trucking career, 2021 is the year to do it!

Increased Salary

A big reason to get into the trucking industry right now is the increase in pay that companies are implementing for beginner drivers. Spot rates are increasing compared to earlier in 2020 due to the high demand and manufacturer supply, which motivates drivers to carry more loads. The average salary for a truck driver right now is between $55,000-$60,000 with an entry-level driver making between $40,000-$50,000. Drivers with more experience will get better benefits and higher pay generally. Driver pay also depends on the carrier they drive for, with some paying more than others and some having different pay structures. Drivers also can add certifications like a hazmat to increase their pay.

Economic Bounce Back

The need for truckers hauling freight is still in high demand even though the economy took a hit in 2020. E-commerce and online shopping have never been higher and are only expected to increase in the future. This upward trend in shopping means America will need more drivers to balance out the growing demand for freight. According to FTR Transportation Intelligence predictions, truck freight will grow 6% in 2021, which is a strong growth rate when looking at year-over-year comparisons.

Since the amount of freight is predicted to grow, the trucking industry will need to hire more drivers to meet demand. Currently, the trucking industry has a shortage of drivers and if this trend continues, the trucking industry could be short as much as 105,000 drivers by 2023. This is good news for new drivers getting into the industry. New and beginner drivers in Nebraska will be able to have multiple career options to choose from when obtaining their CDL due to the number of companies hiring new drivers.

Fast Training

Fortunately for new drivers, CDL training at JTL only takes 4 weeks! Those individuals who want to obtain their CDL could be heading into a new career in no time! Students can get out and start making money quickly.

The trucking industry is always changing, so more insights and forecasts may become available as 2021 gets closer. If you would like to get your CDL in Nebraska and start your trucking career, contact JTL Truck Driver Training today and see how we can assist you in starting your new career!